About me

John O'Grady ArtistI moved from Ireland to France to paint full time and create small oils or acrylics on panel inspired by places I love. These inform larger landscapes, still lives and abstract works.

Some themes reoccur in my landscape work of Ireland such as open land, lanes dappled with light, bogs, gorse and a sense of the magical.

I now live in Provence, a place I’ve regularly visited over the last twenty years.  It shares with Ireland a strong agrarian culture and ancient history.

Vineyards and hilltop villages are everywhere and yet like in Ireland, lanes in the countryside are not tarred, large areas of vegetation is left uncultivated. It’s also drier, cold in winter and hot in summer. Here, the seasons’ rhythms catch my attention.


View of Vaison la Romaine


Where I work

If you’d like to find out a bit more about where I work and live, I wrote a blogpost that tells more. Below is a photo of my studio.
John O'Grady Studio

Further information

I hold a Bachelor Degree in Fine Art (BFA).

My work is in collections in France, the USA, Great Britain and Ireland.

You can view my artist statement here.

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