Ireland and Provence are places I have a deep connection with.

I capture their contrasts and richness, their particular light and colour to create paintings with atmosphere and mood. Often from memories of special places and moments in time.

Because I feel this special connection so strongly, hopefully you can feel it too.


“I came upon John O’Grady’s remarkable art work quite fortuitously during an online search for Irish landscapes and have purchased several of his paintings since then.

What I find particularly striking, in addition to John’s obvious technical mastery and discerning eye for composition and color, is his capacity to convey mood and feeling.

He captures the emotional quality of a place (whether real or imagined) with astonishing clarity and sensitivity; each piece has a palpable atmosphere and a sense of immediacy and even poignancy. There is a feeling of life being arrested in that moment, as well as a quality of timelessness.

I lived in Dublin many years ago, and John’s art evokes keenly what I love and remember about Ireland. And I have gained a new appreciation for Provence through his French landscapes.”

J. Roccuzzo, United States (2014)

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